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Nearly US $ 1 Billion Mobilized for Climate Change - - January 25, 2014

According to the MONRE’s report, from 2010 to now, the Ministry has built and mobilized nearly US$ 1 billion from international aid and preferential loan to implement programs and projects in response to climate change.

The Danish government provided a 40-million preferential loan in the framework of the Program of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. In 2013, the Support Program to Response to Climate Change supported an expected loan of US$ 270 million. The Vietnam’s National Investment Program proposed to use the Clean Technology Fund with total budget of US$ 250 million.

The international cooperation on climate change continued to recorded lots of efforts in 2013. The Ministry has organized an international donors meeting in order to call for support for the new matrix policy of the SP-RCC in the period 2013-2015. Also, the ministry has built a plan to attract financial support for climate change, proposed a loan agreement of Climate Change Development Policy Operation (CCDPO2) and ASEAN Minerals Trust Fund.

In the coming time, the Ministry will improve and enhance operation of the projects management and steering boards. On the on hand, the ministry will establish transparent, synchronous mechanisms in order to control tightly the ODA projects. On the other hand, the cooperation between the Ministry and the locals will be strengthened in using these funds effectively.

Mai Chi

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