U.S. Senator Webb: construction of Laos dam could have "devastating consequences"

U.S. Senator Jim Webb, chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs, has issued a statement regarding proposed construction in Laos of the Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong River, which also flows through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Vietnam looks at hydro impacts on Mekong River

Source: Vietnam News Agency  | Published Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011

Vietnam wants concerned nations to jointly make a thorough overall study of the impact of hydroelectric projects on the Mekong River’s main current before making decisions on building such works, said the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

Harnessing Neighbours' Hydroelectricity: Brazil and China

Emerging countries like Brazil and China are building numerous hydroelectric dams at home and abroad to help drive their economic growth. But while in Latin America the phenomenon is touted as an integration process, in Asia it has generated tension over the shared use of rivers.

By Mario Osava*  |  Apr 13, 2011

Source: IPS News online -

Vietnam accounts for 20% of total world rice exports in 2010

  Source: VOV News, April 18, 2011 -
Vietnam is considering appropriate policies and measures to ensure both its own food security and food exports in a sustainable manner.

Vietnam schedules first tsunami drill - 01 Sept in Da Nang

Context: Analysis of field survey data and historic literature documents in Vietnam reveal evidence of tsunamis "attacking" the Vietnamese coast. Analysis and modeling of seismic activities and structure of tectonic plates in the South China Sea (SCS) reveal four areas with potential of producing tsunami by earthquake and propagation of tsunami in the SCS. Included in the modeling was the observation of potential for a tsunami more than 1.5 meters high along the Vietnamese coast generated by an earthquake with magnitude 7.0 at the fault along the Central Vietnam shelf.

Lao development trends suggest decreased food security and resilience

Development in Lao PDR: The food Security Paradox, by David Fullbrook
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
FEB 2010

SUSTAINABLE SECURITY: Why the Mekong Delta is so important

The Mekong Delta plays an important role in the sustainable security of Vietnam, particularly as it relates to food security and the national economy. Facts of importance:

- 20% of Vietnam population live in the Mekong Delta

- 48% of stape foods for Vietnam are grown in the Mekong Delta

- 75% of Aquaculture production for Vietnam comes from the Mekong Delta

- 38% of marine fishery production for Vietnam comes from the Mekong Delta

Laos Xayaburi Dam would threaten fertility of Lower Mekong Basin

Mekong Delta fertility at risk, experts warn, as they reiterate calls to cancel plans to build the Xayaburi Dam in Laos

Thanh Nien | 4/15/2011

With less than a week to go before the Mekong River Commission’s Joint Committee makes a decision on a major hydropower dam on the river, environmentalists highlighted its infeasibility and called for its cancellation.

Capacity Building on Climate Change for Vietnamese Civil Society Organizations

The book “Training of Trainer on Climate Change” was just introduced in Hanoi on March 23, 2011. This is an activity of the project “Capacity Building on Climate Change for Vietnamese Civil Society Organizations” financed by the Finnish Embassy’s Fund for Local Cooperation and implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development.


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