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Seven Graphics that Explain Energy Poverty and How the US Can Do Much More

   - by Todd Moss and Madeleine Gleave - February 18, 2014

1.     Energy poverty is an endemic and crippling problem; nearly 600 million people in Africa live without access to any power, which also means no access to safer and healthier electric cooking and heating, powered health centers and refrigerated medicines, light to study at night, or electricity to run a business.  Here’s the situation in the 6 countries chosen to be part of President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative, home to nearly 1/3 of the continent’s population:


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It can be seen that the gap between rich and poor is increasingly clear in Vietnam in general and in Thai Nguyen province in particular. After 20 years of innovation along with the country, the economy and society of Thai Nguyen city has increased significantly and achieved important developmental milestones. However, along with the development, the gap of rich and poor between segments of the population and the gap between incomes in the urban areas were also extended. In order to impulse the process of industrialization – modernization as well as reduce poverty rate, Thai Nguyen city should implement more essential policies and projects to improve the lives of citizen, as well as impulse the ​​economy of the city for the purpose of sustainable development.

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