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Operation of industrial, service, mining ... in the area of Thai Nguyen city is developing rapidly. However, due to the use of outdated technology, most of opencast mining style ..., the soil environment in mining areas is polluted and directly affects the quality of the soil and the health and life of people in the region. Therefore, the prevention of soil pollution has a very important significance in the development of Thai Nguyen city.

 Situation

In the city, solid waste is collected, concentrated, sorted and then processed. After sorting, solid waste can be re-used or processed to organic fertilizer, burned and buried, however this still affects the soil environment. Water drips from the digesters and landfills with pollution load is very high organic matter ( through index BOD and COD ) and heavy metals such as Cu , Zn , Pb , Al , Fe , Cd , Hg and both substances such as P , N , ... are also high. This leachate will seep into the ground and then cause soil and groundwater pollution.

Thrown waste at the vacant land in the city area.

Thrown waste at the vacant land in the city area.

Mining operations in Thai Nguyen is developing rapidly, however, due to the use of outdated technology basing on opencast mining style ..., this still cause contamination in the land in mining areas. This directly impacts the quality of soil and affects the health and life of people in the region.

Mineral mining pollutes land

Mineral mining pollutes land

 Effect of soil contamination

Soil pollution is one of the major factors since it affects the health of children. Damage to the brain during the development of children is the result of lead contamination. Mercury is responsible for kidney damage. The function of the liver is greatly affected by cyclodiene - a pesticide. Pesticides are known as a hamper substance to the health of all living elements related to the food chain.

 Solution:

Land is the habitat of most large and small creatures in the nature, including human beings.. Today, the environment with increasingly polluted soil is partly due to the impact of human activities. Because of the longing to have more fertile land and rich in nutrients to meet the needs of people exploitation, they, then need to know the ways how to preserve, protect and improve the soil environment. This brings ecological balance in the environment and higher economic efficiency.

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection in the development of socio- economy, the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen city has developed and implemented projects in order to limit the harm of waste to the environment, including actively carry out environmental protection projects in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization in 2007-2010 and subsequent years in the province. As a result, each level , each sector which play important role in Thai Nguyen city, will promote the dissemination and raise awareness of environmental protection, enhance the environmental management capacity and training of human resources for the protection of the environment, strengthen decentralized management, clarify responsibilities for environmental protection; conduct social protection of the environment as well as the research, technology to transfer applications, enhance investment for environmental protection cases, positive prevention and remedying pollution, environmental degradation ...

However, the forecasts of environmental pollution in the areas of Thai Nguyen city in coming years will be even more complex and tends to increase due to the speed of urbanization and  industrial development at a high level , therefore, by 2010 there will be about 2,000 production and business facilities, 20 urban types, and the urban population will increase rapidly. So emissions, waste, industrial wastewater and urban living activities tend to be more serious as a number of mining facilities and large building materials producer came into operation  such as Thai Nguyen cement factory. The second period in expansing in Luu Xa Industrial Zone will be affected significantly to the land quality in Thai Nguyen  city.


Due to other given reasons, the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen city is in coordination with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to have deployed and implemented projects which aims to improve habitat and restore natural ecological environment of the city. To accomplish this project, it is necessary to invest more funds to the implementation process to meet the aims of the development of Thai Nguyen city to be fast, strong and durable.



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